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Our Services

   We offer a "common sense" approach to business and management consulting.

   We focus on straight answers and honest advice.

   We can tailor our services to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Our Consulting Services Include:

- Business Termination Assistance
We're proud to announce that Robert L. Stinson, a former bank loan officer with over 40 years of retail and commercial banking experience, has joined our team.  

Bob's business savvy and financial analysis expertise make him uniquely qualified to assist you with the financing, development and planning aspects of your business.

A "budget" is a financial document that is designed to project future income and expenses
Think of a budget as a "tool" to track your financial performance  

A Budget Can Help You ...   

  • forecast, track and measure future goals
  • determine when to borrow money
  • avoid unforeseen surprises at year-end
  • be in constant control of your finances

We Can Assist You With ...  

  • the creation of your budget
  • the tracking of your budget
  • interpreting the numbers
  • adjusting your budget as needed

A "business plan" is a formal statement of a set of goals, the reason(s) why they are believed to be attainable, and a plan outlining how to reach those goals. 

Business plans are most commonly thought of being associated with a loan application, but are in reality, a business planning and decision-making tool. 

A Business Plan Will Help You ...

  • set short and long term financial goals
  • chart a course for future growth
  • survive in a changing economic climate
  • create a step by step action plan
  • secure financing 

For many, the thought of putting together a business plan may seem like a daunting task. 

You don't have to "go it alone" - we can help you!

A 'business review" is a written analysis of the operational and financial strengths and weaknesses of a business operation.  

Business reviews are designed to help the business owner focus on certain areas to improve efficiency and increase net profit.      

A Review May Include an Analysis of ... 

  • sales and profitability 
  • billing, rates and fees 
  • expenses and cash flow 
  • advertising and marketing 
  • industry trends 
  • your competition          

A business review can help you discover exactly where to concentrate the efforts and energies needed to reach your short and long term goals.

A "business valuation" is a process and set of procedures that is used to estimate the relative economic value of an owner's interest in a business.  

A business valuation is not an "appraisal" - it is an "opinion of value".   

There are a Number of Methods Used to Value a Business, Including ...   

  • Adjusted book value
  • Income capitalization valuation
  • Discounted earnings
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Sales multiple small business valuation
  • Profit multiple small business valuation
  • Liquidation value
  • Replacement value             

Are you thinking about selling, gifting or estate planning?

Let us help you determine what your business is really worth.

In business, "break-even" is the point at which its costs are equal to its gross sales. 

The break-even point can help to determine the minimum amount of gross sales needed to at least "keep the business doors open".       

Do You Know Your Break-Even Point ...

  • Daily?
  • Weekly?
  • Monthly?
  • Annually?
  • By Location?
  • By Product Line? 

A break-even analysis can also help you identity your fixed costs, determine if you're charging enough for your products or services, and create realistic profit goals.

"Cash flow" is the movement of money both in and out of a business or project over a given period of time. 
Understanding cash flow is an essential part of business planning.

A Cash Flow Projection Can Help You Determine if You Can Afford To ...

  • Pay future expenditures
  • Expand your business 
  • Purchase new equipment 
  • Hire additional employees
  • Take on additional financing

Is your cash flow stressing you out?

Let us help you re-gain control - and peace of mind!

A "compliance review" is an examination of a company's adherance to various federal, state and local government laws and regulations.

A compliance review can help you avoid the potential of unforeseen, costly govenment fines and penalties.

"What you don't know can hurt you!"

Some Areas a Compliance Review May Include ...
  • income tax returns (potential red flags) 
  • sales tax returns (accuracy)
  • payroll reporting (labor laws)
  • employee benefits (government compliance)
  • retirement plans (government compliance)
  • accounting systems and procedures (errors)
  • invoices and contracts (potential legal issues)
  • licenses and permits (government compliance)

Federal and state audits are once again on the rise.  Do you know if you're in compliance?  Ignorance of the law is no excuse! 

Let us help you determine if you have any compliance issues that need to be addressed. 

A "loan application package" is a set of documents required by a lender in conjuction with a loan application request.
The amount of loan application documents requested can vary greatly, depending upon the type of loan, and the lender involved.
Many lending underwriters require detailed financial reports as part of the application process.       

Our Loan Assistance Services Can Help You ...

  • find the best rates and terms
  • determine how much should borrow 
  • understand the loan application process
  • obtain a pre-approval
  • prepare the required loan documents
  • increase your chances of being approved

We have the experience and expertise to help you put together a complete loan application package. 

The Small Business Administration helps small businesses obtain financing by offering a variety of guaranteed loan programs.

Obtaining an SBA guaranteed loan typically requires some additional procedures and paperwork.

Our SBA Loan Assistance Can Help You Obtain a ... 

  • greater chance of being approved
  • quicker approval
  • lower interest rate
  • longer repayment term
  • smaller required down payment

We can guide you through the entire process and assist you with the various forms and procedures required to apply for an SBA guaranteed loan.

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There are a number of government loan programs available to assist small businesses.

Finding these government loan programs isn't difficult - if - you know where to look.

Types of Goverment Assistance Include ... 

  • creative financing programs
  • subsidized interest rates
  • special repayment terms
  • subsidized tax considerations
  • stimulus incentives  

We can tell you what government financing programs are currently available, and whether or not you might qualify.

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