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Payroll FAQ's

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Q: Why choose Ray & Co. to process your payroll?

A: Three words … simplicity, service & price!

  • Simplicity … a "no frills" payroll service giving you greater flexibility and control … reports that are easier to read and understand … no additional, unnecessary paperwork to bog you down … a service designed with you in mind.

  • Service … you’re not “General Motors” and neither are we … we’re small enough to provide friendly, personalized service, and large enough to handle your payroll requirements. We can deliver your payroll by mail, email and fax to meet your schedule.

  • Price … you won’t pay an “arm and a leg” for payroll processing … in fact, our payroll service fees are so low that almost any business can easily afford the cost.

Q: How much will it cost to process your payroll?

A: Just click here to view our fees.

Q: What exactly does "no frills" mean?

A: Examples of what we mean by “no frills”

  • WE process your payroll.

  • WE furnish a computerized payroll check and stub for all employees (payable from your existing bank account) - and the payroll check numbers are normally 7-10 digits in length, to avoid any confusion with your existing business check numbers.

  • WE provide you with a payroll check register, a payroll summary report, and a 2nd copy (for your own file) of the pay stub furnished to all employees for each pay period.

  • WE prepare all quarterly and annual payroll reports.

  • WE prepare all payroll tax filings.

  • WE prepare and furnish all year end W-2’s.

  • YOU just sign and mail all payroll reports (per our instructions … letting you know where to sign, where to mail, etc.) YOU pay all payroll tax filings (we don’t hold your payroll tax money in escrow … you’re always in full control of your money).

Q: So what's "the catch" - how can Ray & Co. process payroll so inexpensively?

A: As form follows function, so does price follow simplicity. A "no frills" payroll service costs us less to operate, and we, in turn, pass those savings on to you.

Q: What other payroll benefits does Ray & Co. offer?

A: Several, such as:

  • Flexibility … we can process your payroll according to your time and schedule requirements … even if your payday happens to be the same day that your payroll week ends (yes, we do offer same-day service) … and we don’t mind last-minute payroll changes, special bonus or holiday check processing … it’s all part of our job and we’re happy to be of help!

  • Reliability … we’ve been processing payrolls for over 11 years … we have the experience necessary to process your payroll quickly and efficiently.

  • Speed … because we’re “no frills” we can set up your payroll very quickly … before your next scheduled pay day (in most cases).

  • New Employers … we can help you file the necessary statutory paperwork to set up your payroll for the first time and begin paying your employees immediately.

  • Friendly Service … what good is service if it isn’t friendly? … after all, helping our clients is why we’re in business ... and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you as well!

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